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Red Car, White Car, Brown Car, Green.

Jamie looked at the road: endlessly long, featureless, boring. Like her life.¬†She looked down at the river. Turbid. Like her head since her mother died. She patted her jeans back-pocket; heard the crackle of the blister pack. She patted her … Continue reading

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Surya’s Golden Castle

Surya stood back to admire his work. ‘Imagine it gilded, roof and wall.’ A residence suited to Yama and Yami. He cast a glance at the other sand castles. Nah, none equalled his. Written for What Pegman Saw.¬†Mumbai, India.  

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What Pegman Saw: I’d Rather the Rocks

OMG! My belly feels giddy. No head for heights; not sure of my feet. But I said I would meet him wherever he said. Huh, I thought he’d pick somewhere roadside, where he could make a quick getaway. But nah, … Continue reading

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