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Usable Words

“That’s the one grinningly wonderful thing of this realm. It’s full to brimming with usable words. I mean, just listen to me, talking all day and all through the night and never running short of usable words.” So said Ypsi … Continue reading

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Beastly Facts

(More Useless Facts from Iris Einstein) As already noted, I have a particular obsession with animals’ sex lives. I think it stems from discovering that the hydra keeps its genitals tucked under its chin (so to speak). I Just imagine … Continue reading

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Ens, Ems and Hashes

Another Useless Fact by Iris Einstein Punctuation . . . “Oh, no!” I hear the groans across the airways. “Not that greatest puzzle of education, punctuation.” Nay, nay, it’s but the greatest gift of written creation. Yet the first written … Continue reading

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Utterly Useless Facts #1

(A New Feature brought to you by Iris Einstein) Crimmie teases me mercilessly on this, but I can’t help it. I just have this thing of collecting utterly useless facts—such as the weight of an elephant’s testicles (1 kg – though I’m … Continue reading

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