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A Makeover for Crimsonprose

Five years of blogging, time’s come for a makeover. And I don’t mean a new header, though that will come. And I don’t mean a new WP theme, though likely there’ll be one. I mean a complete overhaul. Five years … Continue reading

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An Abrasive Geezer

A prickly fella . . . A tough kinda geezer . . . Not one you’d readily invite to dinner Yet in a hot bed . . . And been well fed . . . This toughie becomes a gossamer airhead!

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Sleeping Beauty

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Alas, Old Friend

For fifty years it has stood firm Of late is has grown long A guard of slips and unwise gushes A guard of words said wrong But now has come its sad demise Cracked and sheered above the root Clamped, twisted, … Continue reading

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Too Many Misses

A Misunderstanding Of Misses Miss B Gotten misbehaved And by misadventure, had a close shave. Miss Cue misconstrued Miss D Meanor’s mishandling, A misconception misleading to misappropriate misgivings. Miss Ann Thrope, who misspent her youth in misprinting in ink, Later … Continue reading

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A Day’s Greeting To You

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Alas. Poor Boris.

Little Spider, hurry – fast! Your days are numbered; You will not last. The rolled-up papers, slippers too, All are out to flatten you, So hurry Little Spider do Because we giants are scared of you.

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