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Cold Hands, Cold Heart

Glacial – the place you called home Glacial – the love you claimed you bore me Glacial – the heart you said was devoted to me Glacial – the smile you seldom turned on me Glacial – the looks that … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: My Destination

Up early, a last double-check of the pack. Everything in, nothing forgotten? The taxi toots. We bundle in. ‘Coach station please.’ Saturday, turnaround day, the holidaymakers go home. The driver calls, ‘London Victoria.’ That’s ours. The coach is crowded, multi-ethnic … Continue reading

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CCC#30: A Ramblers Tale

Now settle down and listen well, for a rambler’s tale I here do tell: I walked, you see … Through fens and fields in various states, over broken stiles and five-bar gates; I took a break upon a bank (shoes … Continue reading

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Of Brimstone and Butterflies

‘Oh wow!’ exclaimed the camera-cluttered photographer, ‘how am I ever to capture this?’ With his camera setting changed to “burst”—what more could he do—he followed the mercurial mating dance of the brimstone butterfly. 38 words Written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing … Continue reading

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To Spin, or Not to Spin …

‘Listen,’ Kerrid said. ‘When you spin fibres to make thread, you do the spinning and the fibres are spun.’ ‘Wrong, Wise-Woman.’ Huat shook his head at her. ‘I don’t spin. If I could do spinning, I wouldn’t need you to … Continue reading

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CCC#28: The Paint Job

Major Marjoram was a trifle discombobulated to find a young man in his garden with palette and easel. ‘And who the blinking blighty are you?’ he bellowed across the hen-pecked yard. ‘Me?’ the young man looked round to see who … Continue reading

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No Denial

Did you love him? Who me? Don’t be ridiculous. Did you send him that letter? Certainly not. I would not. Did you take the photos? Of him and that girl? No, wasn’t me. Did you tamper with his car? And … Continue reading

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