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Four Funerals and a Wedding

What a week. Four funerals attended, done nothing but rain. But come Saturday week I don’t care if the sun does hide. For then strong-limbed  young Bridget becomes my flame-headed Bride. Oops, not Rams Island, not even Northern Ireland. My … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: At Portmeirion

The elves came out of the woods, came into the open. ‘Where shall we build our new homes?’ asked the headman, Alvyn. ‘I know,’ said Damh the Bard, ‘let’s build of stone at Portmeirion.’ Written for What Pegman Saw Who’s … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: Them

I turned the corner and there she was, sat on the bench outside the inn. Alone. By the way she dressed, I thought her a man. But closer, I saw her breasts, unbound. I swept a look round, fearful a … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Papa G.

Mama was such a pretty thing. Born Dorothy (of the Stones of Bath), but Papa G. always called her Dolly. The perfect wife, he often said: a willing bed-mate—she gave him seventeen of us little-uns; Peter’s the eldest, I’m the … Continue reading

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Tell Me a Story Challenge: Grandma’s Birthday

Dale, at A DelectableLife tagged me as a link in a photo-prompt chain. And what the jig, maybe I can’t resist the challenge. So here’s the photo she gave me. And below is my ‘inspired’ story … What a day to … Continue reading

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The Green Lady Legend

There wasn’t a kid in the village who didn’t know about the Green Lady who haunted the tower. Just a tale to scare us kids, to keep inquisitive noses out of an old building no longer safe. Right? Yet it … Continue reading

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The Asylum CCC4

They hunt us, the Hunters Why, what have you done? Told some lies, sold some fun They catch us, the catchers Strip us and thrash us Inside the ‘sylum. Done. For Crimson’s Creative Challenge #4

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