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What Pegman Saw: Taffy’s Homebrew

She’d told Jeff she didn’t want Taffy’s homebrew beer. And he’d answered, “You wanted to come with us, be one of the fellas, so you’ll drink that beer.” Fine. Except Jeff and his mates were used to Taffy’s homebrew, and … Continue reading

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Finish the Story: Island Getaway, Part 9

Michael at Morpethroad tagged me for the latest Finish the Story prompt from Teresa at The Haunted Wordsmith. Teresa at The Haunted Wordsmith gave us the image above (by enriquelopezgarre at Pixabay) and started us off with this: As soon … Continue reading

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CCC#35: John Brown’s Wedding

John rose early that day and dressed in his best. He left his mother in a pother and his father in a stomp. But he was of age and didn’t need their permission, and Old Betts over at Fishley Farm … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: The Word of Grandfather-God

“Your Excellency.” Padre Bartolomé bowed his head and waited, a flick of his hand to the lad behind him, Bori-Damaso. Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar looked up from the papers cluttering his makeshift desk. Padre Bartolomé took that as permission to … Continue reading

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Shrine or Tomb or Place of Translation

I’d made a mistake, I shouldn’t have enrolled on this course. I’d never wrap my head around this alien culture. “The body is then taken into the shrine,” the lecturer continued as onscreen an image appeared of what I’d swear … Continue reading

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Finish the Story: The Locomotive Part Four

Teresa’s bit: Every summer since Charlie turned six was spent on Grandpa’s Iowa farm. Charlie loved to run through the fields chasing butterflies and spent his nights laying on the cool grass, watching the fireflies and Milky Way. Life was … Continue reading

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CCC#29: Knight Vigil

Yesterday a squire, Tomorrow a knight. And for this darkness between? The wizard had told him to pray for a vision; A vision would show him what he would be. But now first light was breaking, and no vision granted. … Continue reading

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