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The Book of Gods

A Rookeri Supplement The Runman Order It is said that the Runman Order was founded some 900 years ago. However, Kalamite, Keefa-Papa of the Runman Order, has recently had cause to question that age. In Citadel Lecheni those years since … Continue reading

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The Guy in the Barbed Wire Hat

It was the week before Christmas and the town-centre bar was busy. Late-night shoppers, colleagues meeting before the ‘works’ Christmas dinner’. In the next booth were four women, two men, all in their tinsel, each glowing louder with every new … Continue reading

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Harp Music

Not keen on heights? Damp clouds playing hell with arthritis? Give reincarnation a try! Special Introductory 2 for 1 Offer!!!

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Father to Wife . . .

Father to wife: “Mary, Mary…” Mary to husband: “What is it, Joe?” Joe to Mary: “Ayveh! That boy of ours … if he keeps talking of me as if I’m God, he’ll get himself crucified.”

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