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Silvered Lady

Silvered Lady in the sky You affect my moods I know not why But when you’re full I’m so alive Yet when you’re new I have to strive To change my world from blue Reposted from December 2012 Advertisements

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Time, Time, racing past, I want my life to last, to last. Time, O Time, slow for me, Let my life be hurry-free, I want to spend some time with me. Time, Time, where did you go? You were too … Continue reading

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Inspiration Called Today

For my fellow Plot Bunnies at Camp NaNoWriMo Inspiration called today. You were not here, You’d gone away, Gone away to distant isles Where inspiration hangs on trees And you can pluck it from the breeze. Inspiration called today You … Continue reading

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Advice from the Old Side of Life

A mind is such a useful thing—once one acquires the habit Moreover, once started it’s hard to stop It’s not like those 45-records, to be offloaded in a specialist shop Nor like those electronic cassettes consigned to the bin When … Continue reading

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I Cannot See

a poem by Fakhr-al-Din Ibrahīm Iraqi Save love of thee a soul in me I cannot see, I cannot see; An object for my love save thee I cannot see, I cannot see. Repose or patience in my mind I cannot … Continue reading

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What Lies Beyond

What lies beyond— What my eyes can see What my ears can hear What my nose can smell What my tongue can taste What my skin can feel: What lies beyond? Is it real?

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In Days Of Old . . .

In days of old when knights were bold And a daughter’s love by her father was sold A suitor’s rejection caused a change of direction To a distant city there to curl in self pity Slowly the years pass him … Continue reading

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