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Where Shall I Sit?

I’m claiming this photo for #2019picoftheweek challenge title: All in a Row¬†which I’m sure you’ll agree qualifies. [For details of #2019picoftheweek challenge see MariaAntonia] But what, you ask, is sedilia? It is what’s otherwise known as the Priests’ Bench or … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Honeysuckle

Woodbine, aka Honeysuckle aka Lonicera periclymenum opens its flowers … and I couldn’t decide which shot to use. All photos taken 16th May 2019    

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No, that’s not the name of this gentleman’s wife (it was Mary), but the village where this magnificent marble effigy can be found. Norwich born Myles Branthwaite Esq, died August 1612, aged 55. Dates are not given for his wife. … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: By Hedge and Bank

Last Friday’s walk yielded lots of photos of wayside plants. Which to feature is the problem. In times of yore hedges were ‘laid’ … i.e. cut in such a way as to encourage new growth which then would weave a … Continue reading

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Upon a Woodland Floor

When the woods turn blue I know spring has settled in, and summer won’t be long. The task is which photos to use. So many this year. And amongst the blue, shyly hiding, there is white. Photos all taken in … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Spring Willows

The seldom-noticed catkins of the Weeping Willow … Pussy Willow in flower … Which willow is this? It could be one of many; call it Generic.

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Sunday Picture Post: Crimson Catkins

The catkins of hazel fall like golden showers in spring; the catkins of willow are popularly known as pussy willow. But what about these? Black Poplar is one of my favourites. Soon the leaves will appear, as fresh and sweet … Continue reading

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