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Ketel Alder

Continuing the four-post series, a look at three related Late Saxon Wills 1: Wulfgyth of Karletune 2: Ketel Alder 3: Edwin of Meltuna 4: Family Connections: Wulf, Wine and Thor Ketel, King’s Thegn? Despite Ketel had the requisite hidage, and … Continue reading

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Enter The Scribes

Ancestral Lands: Part Two, Saxons and Danes Saxlingham wasn’t named for the Saxons, but for a minor lord by name of Seaxe. And despite the claims of the village sign, Seaxe probably lived one, even two centuries earlier (650-750 CE), … Continue reading

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The Bug with the Bulging Thighs

It’s taken me a week to find the name of this bug. And, lo! it’s so descriptive: Swollen-thighed Beetle (Oedemera nobilis) Apparently, this is the male of the species—the female sports more slender, typically beetle, thighs. I don’t know what … Continue reading

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Moody Old Cow

I always thought ‘Moody Old Cow’ was something a chap might say to his missus after long years of marriage. Until I met with these ladies, recently, while out walking . . . .

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A Sense of Place?

A sense of place? No, rather I’d say this photo shows a typical British weathery-sense.

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Imagine . . . Damsels Flying

As a bird photographer I’m best at flowers—they don’t flit and fly away. Yet, ironically, the smaller flyers (butterflies, dragon- and damselflies) when they alight upon a leaf are more likely to (re)pose awhile. And so . . . Photos … Continue reading

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Passionate About Pylons

Second to plants, this is my other passion . . . Photo taken 31st May 2017, between Forncett St Mary and Hapton, Norfolk

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