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Conveyor of Souls

From Japan to Ireland, stories are told of the Swan Maiden. The details might differ, but the general picture remains. Vulnerable without her protective ‘cloak’, she is found/captured by a prince. They marry, she gives him a variable number of … Continue reading

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The Alsaldic Calendar and its Deities

To help you follow the history given in King’s Wife, A Prelude: It will remain available on the King’s Wife Menu. Trikadents and Decans: The solar year is divided to 12 x 30 day divisions known as trikadents Each trikadent … Continue reading

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The Chap In The (Red) Cap . . . Revisited

Yea, I know what you’re thinking. Chap in the Red Cap: that’s Santa, right? Um, well. Not really. No. The Chap in the Red Cap was an article I posted on ‘crimsonprose’ way back last year. May 25th 2014, to … Continue reading

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The Chap In The (Red) Cap

Another theory from Iris Einstein Take a Trip . . . Ladies, Gentlemen, grab your fav snack-pack and liquid refreshment, and climb aboard my immaculate transport (okay, so it’s only a bicycle but I’m not licensed to control any other). … Continue reading

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A Way To Die

Ho and hie! That Crimson’s away. Head wedged into an historical tome, She’s left me alone. Now Tall Tale Toli can say as I will. What I will is to tell you this tale. See, my grandma always used to … Continue reading

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The High-Headed King

Hey, Toli here with another of Toli’s Tall Tales. But first, Crimson says I’ve to apologise for taking so long. See, what might seem like procrastination was me being lost in double indecision. The one was mine: which of the … Continue reading

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Author’s Log Entry 14,443

Warning! The following post might cause mental indigestion. Contents: Tub-thumping, Atheism v Religion Angel Revival Quantum Angels But first, a note for those readers who’ve browsed my previous post, Angel in the Park: do not mistake my character’s beliefs for … Continue reading

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