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Alsalda and Ulmelden

A PRIORY PROJECT Supplement In the time before the Ancients, twins were born to the Spirit Bear. Their names were Alsalda and Ulmelden. Every summer the two bears played, chasing each other through the woodlands of the Highlands, splashing through … Continue reading

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Evidence Mounts for Noah’s Flood

Another Theory by Iris Einstein There is scarcely a culture around the world that lacks a Flood Myth. And is it a wonder when the sea levels have been rising by leaps and creeps since the end of the Ice … Continue reading

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Iris Einstein Theory Number (Whatever)

Of Dolmens, Sacred Cows and Orion (Throughout this post I shall persist in using the English plural-form of dolmens, although everything in me screams that it ought to be ‘dolmen’) So, yea, I know there are some clever clogs out … Continue reading

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