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Tipping a Wink at Whitlingham

While I have no intention of making this post a promotion of Whitlingham Country Park (I’m sure they’ve their own department devoted to it), I will agree that it makes an ideal destination for a family day out. Sailing, canoeing, … Continue reading

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Alsaldic Map Madness

Another fantasy fiction about to begin, another excuse to draw maps. You might like to use these in conjunction with today’s post, King’s Wife, A Prelude. They will remain available on King’s Wife Menu

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Map of Alisalm-Land

Because you won’t find Alisalm-Land on Google Maps here is one I made earlier. The lettered blue circles (A-G) are Ulvregan trader’s holds (followers of Priory Project will be familiar with the concept of Ulvregan traders); the yellow numbered circles (1-9) are … Continue reading

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Wot, no Google Map of Destination?

So let me amend . . . . A PRIORY PROJECT Supplement Satellites don’t reach to the Highlands of the Sun . . . nor yet to His Indwelling, Julia’s next ‘destination’. So, to help you navigate your way through … Continue reading

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A Town Of Three Rivers

or Continuing The Good Work (see Mixed Blessings of a Winter Bug) So, yea, last week I managed to walk six miles (see Marriott Way). But that’s nothing compared with the fifteen miles plus that used to be my staple … Continue reading

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Mountains, Myths and Men

A Rookeri Supplement The Ridge, Luban’s Hemming From Raselstad to Citadel Lecheni, Luban to Rothi, Eshe’s journey, west to east. But our journey takes us in the opposite direction, from the first risings of the Ridge in the east to … Continue reading

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Thrigg Brunna

a picture paints a thousand words . . . . . . and maps describe what words cannot. So here, to accompany this week’s episode of ‘Neve’: Arthur’s Sleep . . . here I offer a map. Though some of these … Continue reading

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