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The Girl with Autumn-Red Hair

Or Miss Perceive, a Story in Three Acts (i) “Stop!” he called. “What?” she asked though she carried on walking. “Stop. Please. Right there.” “Do what?” she asked. “That’s it, love. Great.” “Excuse me?” “I just had to take a photo … Continue reading

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Angel in the Park

A short story first posted November 2012, dusted, polished and presented anew. Friday, and I flew through the door, excitement bubbling, impatient to tell Bill what had happened. I dropped my jacket on the floor, dropped my butt on the … Continue reading

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Seasonal Sillies

When I began this blog in November 2012 I began with silliness. But being a new blog, my madness wasn’t seen by many. Now I’ve taken a sample of those sillies and not so much re-posted as relaid and renovated.

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Head Full Of Music (alas no voice)

As an ambitious teenager—head full of music, shame of the voice—I dreamed of one day becoming like Lennon and McCartney and other greats, an acclaimed (okay, then just a published) songwriter. Alas, it wasn’t to be. For this that follows … Continue reading

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Ode To A Gnat

You, assailant of non-Euclidean flight! Why must you always wait for night? Why won’t you attack when the sun is bright? O vampiric smidgeon of the night.  

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Usable Words

“That’s the one grinningly wonderful thing of this realm. It’s full to brimming with usable words. I mean, just listen to me, talking all day and all through the night and never running short of usable words.” So said Ypsi … Continue reading

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The Other Residents at Destination?

Oh, those halcyon, long-ago, days of clip-art! (But some things can’t be resisted.)  

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