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Expanding My Porcelain Collection

Fungi come in every colour, and every texture. These – smooth, pale, almost translucent – make me think of porcelain. Photos taken October 2017 Advertisements

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Split Balls and Flaccid Fungi

There are probably less than a handful of fungi that are immediately recognisable. The oyster mushrooms, puff balls, fly agaric, shaggy inkcap and stink-horns . . . these last have become quite rare, at least in my neck of the … Continue reading

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Saffron-coloured puffs

I’d call this the shot of the day. Usually I have to block the sun, it reflecting too strongly on the usually pale body of a fungus. But here . . . wow! Though whatever the form of puff-ball/earth-ball, I … Continue reading

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Spirits and Sprites

In every woodland lurks a spirit, guardian over all . . . While the spirit-loci looks kinda heavy (a serious looking beastie) the sprites prefer to form themselves of light . . . As for this fella . . . … Continue reading

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Who Ate All The Bread?

. . . must be that raven flying high, totally out of his feathered head. To read of the sacramental role of the fly agaric in the Mithraic cult, see The Chap in the (Red) Cap, originally posted way back … Continue reading

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Post Party

Has someone thrown away a stale, uneaten, wobegone pizza? No, it’s just some Unidentifiable Fungal Object.

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A Wet Woodland Walk

Or perhaps A Spurious Segue In January 1797 John Hetherington, a London haberdasher, was fined £50 for causing a public nuisance—he was wearing the very first top hat. In public! In February 1797 the very last invasion of Britain began. And … Continue reading

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