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Asaric Tales e-book update #3

In last month’s update I intended a straight read-through of Asaric Tales Book 1. What happened? Asaric Tales Bk 1 read-through For the first few chapters I used yellow highlight to mark passages/words I wanted to change and returned to … Continue reading

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Asaric Tales e-book update #2

Six weeks ago, I announced my intention of publishing the story posted on WP as Feast Fables as an e-book. First of a lengthy list of preparatory tasks was the rewrite. I’m pleased to say I’ve now ticked that one … Continue reading

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The Cuckoo Child

I knew she was a cuckoo. So I said, as soon as born I’d take her to the wilds. But, ouch! did Kastea scream at that: No, I couldn’t do that! I grunted, why not? “You’ll offend her father. He’ll … Continue reading

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The Green Children of Saint Martin’s Land

There is a village two hours hike from the abbey of the slain East Anglian king, Saint Edmund. While in the twelfth century this village was known as Wulput, it is recorded in the Great Survey of 1086 as Wlfpet. … Continue reading

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Be banished, He bellowed

For those following Neve, Chapter Three: Be banished, He bellowed . . . Doctor Filbert lived in Yalesham, in Newtown, north off the High Street, in a bungalow 1970’s built. There was something about the man, with his florid face, … Continue reading

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Skimaskall the Last Dragon

Skimaskall, the Last Dragon is the front end of the time-slip story from which Guy de Hamahall is taken. This wasn’t how I originally planned it. But I felt it more important to get the time-slip element up front, rather than character and setting … Continue reading

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Author’s Log Entry 14,443

Warning! The following post might cause mental indigestion. Contents: Tub-thumping, Atheism v Religion Angel Revival Quantum Angels But first, a note for those readers who’ve browsed my previous post, Angel in the Park: do not mistake my character’s beliefs for … Continue reading

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