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The Fallen Angels

“Ah-ha!” exclaimed Dr Filbert. “Now we find the buried treasure.” He had been trawling through a dust-covered arch-lever binder, the notes within the work of his now-deceased wife. Neve leaned forward, the better to see while he read aloud from … Continue reading

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Neve crossed the fallen cracked-willow that served as bridge. Cesar had walked it without a break in her step but Neve was less certain. She heard the rhyme play in her head, ‘I’m a troll, fold-a-roll.’ She thought of the … Continue reading

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Arthur’s Sleep

Someone was in Neve’s garden. But though she was up on tiptoes all she could see was a restlessly moving Asaric light. Was it the Watcher? It wasn’t Raesan; she’d finally sent him on his way. That return flight from … Continue reading

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To Bed A Dragon

Stunned, Neve and Kazla looked at each other – then again at the collapsed trench where Rat had been working. Neve’s head refused to see; her heart, her feet, everything of her, suddenly numbed. It took Kazla’s shout of “Dig!” … Continue reading

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A Knight’s Fee

Neve, Chapter 7 . . . The pit exuded cold and the smell of old sand though the sun, newly risen, was rapidly drying the sweat on her back. One more part of the task now done. In satisfaction Guy … Continue reading

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Impulse to Murder

Neve, Chapter Six . . . Neve dreaded that Raesan would answer the phone to Ms Cox, not that her employer had reason to phone. But if she did she’d think him Neve’s boyfriend. No, she’d be wise to prepare Ms Cox against … Continue reading

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Silver and Gold

Neve, Chapter 5: Flame, Crystal, Silver and Gold To Neve’s surprise the kitchen was as she had left it: tidy, but not clinical, no piles of Raesan’s clothes – she’d seen none in his bedroom either. His bedroom? She sighed. … Continue reading

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