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And the Sun Bore Down

A walk beside Flixton Marshes in Suffolk, the butterflies danced around us like demented fairies, the flowers unveiled their faces… and the sun bore down on us. #2019picoftheweek challenge: Sunshine For details of #2019picoftheweek challenge see MariaAntonia Advertisements

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Sunday Picture Post: Butterflies and Blackberries

A meadow brown butterfly rests upon a head of unripe blackberries, a perfect blend of colours. And the meadow brown as more often seen: at rest in a meadow.

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Reflections on Shadows

Despite I took this photo, I look at it and look at it, and I can’t figure out what plant that is whose shadow is reflected, all entangled with the waterweed. Thus I declare it, an Enigma and post it … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Up Close and Personal

with scabious… An amazing range of colours, not seen as we pass it on the wayside. Scabious is a member of the Teasel Family.

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No R in July

It’s unusual for a plant to put forth its flowers from September through to April, and then produce seeds May through to August. But that’s what the gorse bush does. Witness … During my ramble across Mousehold Heath in mid … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Foxglove, an ornamental native

The epitome of the cottage garden, this showiest of native flowers isn’t, as you might think, named for the fox. Nope, no fox ever wore these on its fingers. It is named for German botanist Leonhard Fuchs. A pretty flower… … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: In a Bind

This Sunday, I feature bindweed … Buds of bindweed, thinking about blossoming soon. The video below follows the process, from bud to open flower. And yes, I know these are every gardener’s bane. But seen in the wild, where they … Continue reading

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