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One Bird and his Post


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Making a Spectacle

The Spectacle Goose, better known as the Egyptian Goose, having escaped from some ornamental fowl collection, now breeds amongst the Norfolk Broads. I snapped these at South Walsham Broad. Photos taken at South Walsham Broad.

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Too High, Too Low, Across the Water, Amid the Nettles

When you can’t get close-in, the only thing to do is to ‘zoom’ and ‘crop’. The resolution remains, but the picture goes small. Some of these barely measure 5″ square.

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At The Broads’ Edge

At the Broads’ edge is Breydon Water, the meagre remains of the once Great Estuary (See Broadly). Here the three main Broads’ rivers join (the Bure, the Yare and the Waveney) to flow as one through the port of Great … Continue reading

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Tipping a Wink at Whitlingham

While I have no intention of making this post a promotion of Whitlingham Country Park (I’m sure they’ve their own department devoted to it), I will agree that it makes an ideal destination for a family day out. Sailing, canoeing, … Continue reading

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The Ungullible Gull

(from urbanwildlandus.fatcow.com) Skip gulls and tip gulls . . . that’s what my daughter calls them. But she lives in the more densely-populated industrial Midlands so it’s not surprising her gulls have adopted more modern behaviour. I live on the … Continue reading

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The Night Caller

I hear you I hear you I hear your song I hear you I hear you But aren’t you wrong? The sun is yet four hours in rising You are early in advertising I hear you I hear you Don’t … Continue reading

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