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The Garlanded Berries of Autumnal Black Bryony

Since a young child enchanted by the Flower Fairies books, Black Bryony has been one of my favourite wayside flowers. Or, more correctly, one of my favourite autumn berries. Pretty. But do not touch, for these berries are poisonous. Not … Continue reading

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Dawn Lights

There are many advantages of starting a walk in the early morning. The bird calls that later fade away. The freedom from traffic and its noise. Misty horizons, full of enchantment. And the sun on the morning dew. #2018picoftheweek: Lights … Continue reading

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Multi-car Pile-up

Not my usual subject when out with the camera, but these cars awaiting scrapage called loudly to me. #2018picoftheweek: Transport

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When Cleanliness Was Next to Godliness

I visit many churches on my rambles. This week I visited St Mary’s at Long Stratton (Norfolk, England). The stained glass east window was a delight being a ‘modern’ creation (hmm, 1929) incorporating medieval fragments, some very early, from both … Continue reading

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In Awkward Places

I have posted a photo featuring graffiti for the #2018picoftheweek challenge before. Then it was on a stand-alone wall, in woodland. This time we’re under a bridge. #2018picoftheweek title: Symmetry. But what boggles my mind is how the artist accessed … Continue reading

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A Liminal Time

Where land becomes sea; when day becomes night; when the tide rests at its height: these are liminal times and liminal places where the veil that hides the Other-World becomes a permeable thing and allows the magic to slip through. … Continue reading

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Fibre … Structure

The heat with its debilitating effects continues to hold me prisoner; alas, no walkies for my camera and me again this week. It’s just as well I have a backlog of photos I can draw on for our #2018picoftheweek challenge. … Continue reading

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