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The Lazy Ladies’ Field Trip

That’s right, my loves, take the weight off your feet. Must be awful, standing all day in that field. I think you’ll agree, this photo qualifies for the #2018picoftheweek title, Relaxation   Advertisements

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Once Upon A Brittle Stem

Last Monday I went for a walk … into Fairy Land. All along the side of the path … it must have continued for as much as mile … these fairy trees. I’m not sure which of the brittlestem species … Continue reading

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After Dark

So I arrived home after Monday’s walk with thoughts of a hot coffee, a hot meal, and a warm bath … to utter darkness. Not a glimmer of light. What! A phone call later—oh, it’s a power cut, and the … Continue reading

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After the rain …

After the rain, the fungi appear. But that’s not the focus of this photo. It’s that myriad of tiny waterdrops. #2018picoftheweek: Liquid As to the mushroom, I almost stood on it, so small and lost in the long grass.

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Into the Woods

No, not the Sondheim musical that cleverly combines plots from fairy tales by Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault. And neither the book by John Yorke that explores ‘How Stories Work and Why We Tell Them’. Though I recommend both of … Continue reading

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Festive Colours

One of the #2018picoftheweek titles is Fall Colours. But do I display photos taken at the beginning of the season? Hawthorn and dogwood have been presenting their full colours since mid August. Or ought I to wait until late December to … Continue reading

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Mystery Lady

Who is she, this lady who presides over the south porch portal at All Saints church, Intwood? The photo (#picoftheweek: Mystery) I took because … the light, the preservation, the lichen (there’s even a small cushion of moss on her head), … Continue reading

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