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Beta Readers Required

For Mythic Fantasy

What is a beta reader?
A reader who offers detailed feedback on plot, characters, clarity and pacing.

What do I want?
Readers, all genders, young adults, adults and above, to help me perfect the Asaric Tales.

What do I ask of you?
That you read the book—sent to you in five sections—and answer a few questions, some specific, some general, in as many or few words as suits you.

Simple, yea?

But what are the Asaric Tales?
A Mythic Fantasy quint that begins in an age before the gods, in the between-time when ice gave way to warmer days, when nomadic hunter-fisher clans turned to settled agriculture, when villages began, and spirits and demons held sway. We follow Kerrid, an Asar with abilities beyond the human, as she weaves through ages fraught with floods and droughts on a mythic quest to discover what she has done to draw the venom of the darkest demon.

Asaric Skies: The Blurb

The Spinner, Lady of the Oracular Web, has tasked Kerrid to eradicate the demon Neka (Book One). Analysis of her own and her fellow Asars’ dreams have revealed the Asars to be banished divines (Book Two). But for what crime were they banished? For failing to oust an intruding demon from their high divine world—or so believes her husband, the Asar Gimmerin. With no better suggestion, Kerrid accepts it. Now she must find a way back to their usurped world and, this time, successfully oust the demon. The Spinner uses a pole to move through the dimensions. If Kerrid can find it and use it to reach that high world then she might also discover what she has done to draw the demon’s hatred of her. Equipped with that knowledge she then can do the Spinner’s bidding and eradicate the dark demon. But there are those she meets along the way who would distract, delay or hinder her. Some might even try to kill her.

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