Chronicle of Mideer Chapters

Chronicle_of_MideerIn the Western Ocean are set three lands:

  • the semi-tropical Macara, host to bands of hunter-gatherers
  • the technologically advanced and populous Glyntland
  • and between them the feudal lands of Madjaria—where a prophecy waits to be fulfilled.

The king’s daughter,
one such has never been born before,
shall unite the three lands.

The king’s daughter is Mideer; her chronicle an account, written for her priests of the Dark Gods, of how she proceeds.

CM 1 The Prophecy
CM 2 Godless
CM 3 Blindly Into A Cave
CM 4 A Confusion Of Daughters
CM 5 A Spot Too Tight
CM 6 He Wears The World
CM 7 A Thousand Fragments of Mother Sea
CM 8 And Every One Me
CM 9 An Axe To Greet Me
CM 10 Railroaded by Glyntlanders
CM 11 To Help Jump the Coup
CM 12 Stolen
CM 13 Light in a Lightless Place
CM 14 An Act of Union

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