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Measured Words

He spoke in measured words What, he was a Shakespearean actor, speaking in pentameters? Or maybe he spoke in chains, yards and inches. Of course he could have used words which for him spoke volumes: Of pints and pecks, and … Continue reading

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With This Ring

We may not class a dictionary as a ‘fun read’. And apart from providing the standard spelling, ensuring it’s the right word for the meaning, and used in the right way, we may have no other use for it (except, … Continue reading

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Usable Words

“That’s the one grinningly wonderful thing of this realm. It’s full to brimming with usable words. I mean, just listen to me, talking all day and all through the night and never running short of usable words.” So said Ypsi … Continue reading

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Getting It Done

Get up Get washed Get fed Get out Get on Get away Get by Get paid Get through Get along Whoopy-doos, I’m getting it done.

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