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The Very Gall …

Undeniably eligible for the 2019picoftheweek title: In Your Hand [For details of #2019picoftheweek challenge see MariaAntonia] The gall-fly, in need of sustenance for her developing larvae, genetically modifies the oak to produce for her infants this cosy home. I know … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: Aspire to the Sky

Aspire to the sky, O cathedral of glass Built by the broken backs of the mass Acquisition of money-begotten Aspirations of first-settlers forgotten Ye clever creed of Krafted-Plate Written for What Pegman Saw According to Wikipedia, this magnificent cathedral of … Continue reading

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What’s in an image?

Following an exchange with a new follow/follower, I was prompted to trawl the depths of my media library to locate some images I posted long long ago (Sept 2016). Lo! Here they are.¬† All were produced on my most ancient … Continue reading

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With the City Spread Before Me

So, I thought, for this week’s #2018picoftheweek why not take a piccy of the city … To the left is Norwich castle built by the invading Normans. The church beside it (moving to right-ward) is St Peter Mancroft, founded by … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Fungi?

By popular request, two photos from yesterday’s walk. And as you can see, yesterday the sky rained.  

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Asaric Tales e-book update #10

September already; the year is closing on these updates. My first was 9th December 2017. So, what has this month brought, how much achieved? Asaric Lies (Asaric Tales Book One) It seems to have taken for ever, but in fact … Continue reading

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Pretty, By The Way

Persistent mist¬†kept me in all week. So my entry for the #2018picoftheweek comes from the previous week’s country crawl. It’s one of my favourite wayside flowers. But too often by the time my camera finds it, the birds have beaten … Continue reading

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