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How I Lost My Virginity to an E-book Reader

I’m an old-fashioned lass, though some might question the ‘fashion’ and just leave it at old. I prefer books that come on paper. But since I am presently rewriting the 550,000 words Feast Fables Trilogy, previously posted on WP, with … Continue reading

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The Solstice

The sun has left, has gone away cold and darkness rules the day the earth is hard, the trees are bare bleak and barren winter’s here. But light the fire and watch it burn and know the sun will yet … Continue reading

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Seasonal Sillies

When I began this blog in November 2012 I began with silliness. But being a new blog, my madness wasn’t seen by many. Now I’ve taken a sample of those sillies and not so much re-posted as relaid and renovated.

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Horse Whispers

The road from Great Yarmouth to Norwich crosses the former ‘Great Estuary’, now better known as the Halvergate marshes. Travelling by bus, I’m free to gaze out the window, to enjoy the serenity of this landscape, dotted with windmills, with … Continue reading

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Conveyor of Souls

From Japan to Ireland, stories are told of the Swan Maiden. The details might differ, but the general picture remains. Vulnerable without her protective ‘cloak’, she is found/captured by a prince. They marry, she gives him a variable number of … Continue reading

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The Winter Solstice and the Turning Tide

  As the outgoing tide takes away Friends and lovers who are travelling far So, too, alas, with the outgoing year; And we cannot yet see what those losses are But as the outgoing tide scours the shore Cleaning the … Continue reading

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What’s in an image?

Two of the toughest things of serialising a story for a weekly blog is 1: Thinking up all those  many titles, and 2: Finding graphics that, while illustrating, also grab the attention. But with The Chronicles of Mideer the graphics have … Continue reading

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