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An Apprentice Ship

So I left the house at quarter-to-eight, turned right into the row (that’s a very narrow lane to you, speciality of Gt Yarmouth), to meet up with my daughter who was waiting for me on the farside of the river … Continue reading

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It All Began

“It all began when Jan met Ned.” No. Wrong. Wrong? Everything that ever had happened in Jan’s life led to that moment. Ditto for Ned. Fine. “It all began when Jan was born, three years to the day after Ned.” … Continue reading

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An Innocent Fellow

The stairs being of wood, not Grandma’s bone-breaking stone, Klukelunnen would have happily climbed them. But the giantess Neat Fleur wouldn’t have it. She scooped him up one-handedly and held him securely against her generous pillow-like chest. She smelled … … Continue reading

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Helas, Hobbits and Anthropology

Now what strangeness was this? Klukelunnen stared at the glass. But where was his reflection? And where was the room behind him? He turned to check that it hadn’t changed. No, it was still as it was; not suddenly grown … Continue reading

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Neat … the giant with sapphire-blue lips

(sorry, she refused to wear her black gear for the photo shoot) “By the cringe!” Klukelunnen looked up at the giant that, blocking the door, had cast the attic into a deeper dark. Female. She must be, aye, by her … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Attic . . . or a spell gone wrong

[Um, best beware adult language in the last line. Sorry folks; adult characters.] Third time. This was it, no more practice runs. After all, what in that spell could go wrong. And then to collect his winnings. A bag full … Continue reading

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Unsuited, the Suitors of Old Shore House

Sifadis Lafdi shooed her seleman away. She had no need of a sedan-chair; she was a woman, not an invalid. And the past week had been dry, and the day was fine. It was less than ten steps across the … Continue reading

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