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Angel in the Park

A short story first posted November 2012, dusted, polished and presented anew. Friday, and I flew through the door, excitement bubbling, impatient to tell Bill what had happened. I dropped my jacket on the floor, dropped my butt on the … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean To You?

Wishing all my readers a Chilled out Solstice (And here’s hoping one of your New Year decisions is to continue to follow me!)

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The Green Children of Saint Martin’s Land

There is a village two hours hike from the abbey of the slain East Anglian king, Saint Edmund. While in the twelfth century this village was known as Wulput, it is recorded in the Great Survey of 1086 as Wlfpet. … Continue reading

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Alsalda and Ulmelden

A PRIORY PROJECT Supplement In the time before the Ancients, twins were born to the Spirit Bear. Their names were Alsalda and Ulmelden. Every summer the two bears played, chasing each other through the woodlands of the Highlands, splashing through … Continue reading

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Henry’s First Christmas

At the subtle slip of the key in the lock I whizzed around, clearing the evidence of today’s activities. Henry opened the door from vestibule to living room; I opened the door from the kitchen, the key to the one-time walk-in … Continue reading

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The Great Escape

Behind the ragged privet hedge, crowded into a border long years neglected, a meeting is called. All have attended, all but the Oxford Ragworts. But they are squatters and not expected. Daniel Dahlia ‘Ho-lai’s’ to bring the meeting to order. … Continue reading

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Miss Perceive

A Story in Three Acts {1} “Stop!” he called. “What?” she asked though she carried on walking.. “Stop. Please. Right there.” “Do what?” she asked. “That’s it, love. Great.” “Excuse me?” “I just had to take a photo of you,” he … Continue reading

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