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CCC14: Road to Nowhere

Remember the road: The road to nowhere; Nowhere, where I go to dream; Dream of better days, a better year: A year that brings you home to me, To me from out of nowhere Written from Crimson’s Creative Challenge #14 … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Papa G.

Mama was such a pretty thing. Born Dorothy (of the Stones of Bath), but Papa G. always called her Dolly. The perfect wife, he often said: a willing bed-mate—she gave him seventeen of us little-uns; Peter’s the eldest, I’m the … Continue reading

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CCC13: One Sunny Enclosure

‘Depression,’ the doctor diagnosed. ‘Founded on stress and anxiety.’ I laughed. ‘Nah, I’m not depressed. I’m happy as the sheep in their sun-drenched enclosure—just as long as I don’t open that gate.’ ‘Well, there you are,’ said the doctor to … Continue reading

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It serves you …

Ouch!’ Laurie yelped and sucked her finger. ‘Wuzz! That don’t hurt,’ said her sister Louisa. ‘Yea? You try stabbing your pinky on a vicious thorn bush.’ ‘Well, it serves you, don’t it. Wool-gathering while gathering wool.’ For those not country-bred, … Continue reading

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His Bitch

Robert stood back, his job for this morning done, and watched as a doorman materialised to hold open the door. Anxious now … Tessa was new to the business, would she stumble? Embarrassed, would she look to him? Come on, … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: Homeward Bound

At last at the ferry and the ship leaves soon. But, Ma, haven’t we time for an ice-cream cone? If you’re quick, and you get me a frozen drink on a stick. Yikes, now that’s the klaxon sound! Catch those … Continue reading

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Tell Me a Story Challenge: Grandma’s Birthday

Dale, at A DelectableLife tagged me as a link in a photo-prompt chain. And what the jig, maybe I can’t resist the challenge. So here’s the photo she gave me. And below is my ‘inspired’ story … What a day to … Continue reading

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