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God of the Zodiac

  Who is the god of the Zodiac? Fleet-footed Mercury with his snake-twined caduceus Or the ever-triumphant Sol Invictus? Maybe it’s jovial Jupiter with his far reach? Or hot-headed Mars first into the breach? No, I’ll tell you, you heathens: … Continue reading

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CCC#27: The New Green Earth

Come dance with me in the month of May Come welcome in the green-clothed day Come follow where the fairies tread Where decked in white fay maidens wed Come skip with me and flick your heels Dance Irish jigs and … Continue reading

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Arise Meander

Arise, Meander, son of wedded waters: Of primal source, Titaness Tethys And all-encircling stream, the chaotic Oceanus. Arise Sir Knight, and spread far your name; Arise in Phrygia, for from Phrygia you came. And never a straight course did he … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: Aspire to the Sky

Aspire to the sky, O cathedral of glass Built by the broken backs of the mass Acquisition of money-begotten Aspirations of first-settlers forgotten Ye clever creed of Krafted-Plate Written for What Pegman Saw According to Wikipedia, this magnificent cathedral of … Continue reading

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For Sophia

I discarded riches, discarded clothes Discarded flesh from off my bones To take the step incomparable To stand before you, Vulnerable. Written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

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What Pegman Saw: Different Times

Different times Different places Different people With different life-courses So many ways to live a life So many triggers to needless strife. Written for What Pegman Saw

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CCC24: Knock-knock

KNOCK-KNOCK Now who is that, come so late to complain of his fate? KNOCK-KNOCK Who dares to tap in the dead of night just to plead his miserable plight? KNOCK-KNOCK The lord turned over, ignored whoever had come to implore. … Continue reading

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