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No Junk Mail

Some things catch the eye when out walking the country lanes . . . I wonder who lives here. An eccentric Norfolk recluse, maybe?  Like the door . . . Art Decor, if I’m not mistaken. Somewhat neglected, though.  Maybe … Continue reading

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In An English Country Garden

Couldn’t resist the shot. Is it the gate on the ‘huh’? Or the rusted rain-butt? Or the shed that curiously is padlocked. Or maybe it’s the overgrowth of nettles. An intriguing place; it struck me as thoroughly ‘English’. I wanted … Continue reading

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Summer . . . Fruits!

First of August . . . a country walk  . . . and I’m amazed at the fruits: how early, how abundant . . . .

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Beside the . . . Sea?

Living on the coast, it’s easy for me to walk down to the beach on these hot July days. Yet I don’t. I prefer to be out of the noise—the babies crying, kids yelling and screaming, parents shouting, amusement arcades … Continue reading

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The Bug with the Bulging Thighs

It’s taken me a week to find the name of this bug. And, lo! it’s so descriptive: Swollen-thighed Beetle (Oedemera nobilis) Apparently, this is the male of the species—the female sports more slender, typically beetle, thighs. I don’t know what … Continue reading

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A Little Village with Big Connections

Shotesham… … a village of 562 souls, 5 miles south of Norwich, has connections, contemporary and historical, social, political and royal—and that’s where I was heading when I got off the bus at Upper Stoke, a couple of weeks past. … Continue reading

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In Celtic myth, water was the way to the Otherworld . . . We need only think of the Lady of the Lake, or the many offerings found in the Thames . . . swords, skulls and shields, for the … Continue reading

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