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Lacy Umbrellas

The many wildflowers of the umbellifer family that grace our English countryside are seldom easy to tell apart (except for hemlock and hogweed). Here … I think it’s Cow Parsley though it could be an early flowering Hedge Parsley. The … Continue reading

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One Hundred Roses

June. And the English hedgerows are threaded with roses.  I brought home over a hundred photos of the wild and delicate blushing dog-roses. Which one to show you? A difficult decision. I chose this one. And this one . . … Continue reading

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Down Below

Down below the water, beneath the bridge where once was a ford, the chalky bedrock glows. #2018picoftheweek: Looking Down The view is deceptive; the bridge is at least 10′ above the water; the water here is 4′ deep.

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This delicate blue-petalled (perennial) cornflower sparkled star-like from the hedgerow, calling to me, ‘Please take my pic’. Although a ‘garden escapee’, the Perennial Cornflower has become a naturalised wayside flower, though far from common.

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Crossed Rods

While my usual photography subjects are wildflowers, landscapes and rivers, with butterflies and swans (if they present and stay put), very occasionally I happen upon something man-made (the lighthouse, the pier, the tractor previously featured here) and can’t resist it.  … Continue reading

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View from the End of the Pier

Eight of May was a mega-hot day, discouraging a ten-mile hike. A day for the beach, and the cliffs, and the pier, and sea-mists. A day for a day out at Cromer. #2018picoftheweek: From a Distance The title of the … Continue reading

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A Plant By Any Other Name . . . .

(Would be easier to spell) Although my usual plant subjects are native to England, this Rhododendron leapt in front of the camera, the sun full upon it, begging to be pixel-captured.

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