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A Call to Arms

In Intwood churchyard there lies a grave, fancily enclosed with a wrought iron grille made shades of green by Nature’s hand. Moss obscures whatever inscription once was there yet leaves for us a useful clue. A coat of arms. The … Continue reading

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Mystery Lady

Who is she, this lady who presides over the south porch portal at All Saints church, Intwood? The photo (#picoftheweek: Mystery) I took because … the light, the preservation, the lichen (there’s even a small cushion of moss on her head), … Continue reading

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The Plan . . .

Daisy turned, and turned again, looking round Klukelunnen’s high security room. “They never should keep you in here,” she said. “It’s appalling. If it weren’t for that window I’d think it a cupboard.” “Nay, Little Daisy,” Klukelunnen objected, and why … Continue reading

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At the Heart of the City

Norwich, a Viking-Saxon foundation, has been a major trading centre at least since the reign of King Æthelstan (924-939). The marketplace we see today, with its former colourful canvas tilts now replaced in more durable materials, was moved to this … Continue reading

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Tricked to Atone

Klukelunnen liked Blessed Bessy, his day-time carer. But, by the cringe, he couldn’t abide her ‘oppo’, Louisa. Louisa cared only for her wages. Within a sweep of the clock’s long hand after Bessy had left, Louisa beeped her way through … Continue reading

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Nature’s Bounty, Bramble-Berries

Okay, so you probably know them as blackberries. But black-coloured berries proliferate in the Norfolk ‘wilds’ at this season, so let’s be specific. These are the berries of the bramble bush which offers its fruit (easy to reach for little … Continue reading

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The Garlanded Berries of Autumnal Black Bryony

Since a young child enchanted by the Flower Fairies books, Black Bryony has been one of my favourite wayside flowers. Or, more correctly, one of my favourite autumn berries. Pretty. But do not touch, for these berries are poisonous. Not … Continue reading

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