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Run Rabbit Run

“Can I ask you a question,” Daisy said. “If you can say it you can ask it.” She was such a bright lass, he enjoyed her company. If only she’d allow him out of this pink so-called palace. It was … Continue reading

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A Prickly Subject

Today’s walk, from the most easterly point in England, Lowestoft, to my home town of Great Yarmouth turned up some unexpected plant life. The beach is shingle with stretches of sand. The eroding cliffs are forming sand-dunes that coastal flora … Continue reading

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When Cleanliness Was Next to Godliness

I visit many churches on my rambles. This week I visited St Mary’s at Long Stratton (Norfolk, England). The stained glass east window was a delight being a ‘modern’ creation (hmm, 1929) incorporating medieval fragments, some very early, from both … Continue reading

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The Sacrificial Time

“Who or what is this Saturn?” Klukelunnen asked once Daisy had safely returned him to his pink palace prison. The girl wrinkled her small freckled nose. “You sure the professor said that? ‘Beloved of Saturn.’ Only Saturn’s a planet, sixth … Continue reading

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Sub-Urban Art

I like graffiti. Maybe it’s my (long-long ago) Art School training (graphic design). So yet again I’ve been unable to resist. And then there was this: Love it! It sat beside the same Marriot’s Way.

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In Awkward Places

I have posted a photo featuring graffiti for the #2018picoftheweek challenge before. Then it was on a stand-alone wall, in woodland. This time we’re under a bridge. #2018picoftheweek title: Symmetry. But what boggles my mind is how the artist accessed … Continue reading

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Thorny Questions

No one had ever said of Klukelunnen that he was wise. Adventuresome, aye, and brave; some might say to the point of stupidity, but he never could turn his back on a challenge. Not ever. Aye, and that was the … Continue reading

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