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Light on the Water

Some days when I take the camera out the light falls just right for capturing the finer details on close-ups of plants. Other times the brush needs to be broader … The sun had been up for about four hours … Continue reading

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Crushed Bones on Toast

Daisy looked from Griselda’s discarded knickers, to Klukelunnen. “Is there no privacy,” he muttered. Daisy didn’t hear. “Oh good,” she exclaimed with an awkward clap of her hands. “Ted’s Jimmies are perfect for you.” Perfect? This loosely termed ‘suit of … Continue reading

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An Apprentice Ship

So I left the house at quarter-to-eight, turned right into the row (that’s a very narrow lane to you, speciality of Gt Yarmouth), to meet up with my daughter who was waiting for me on the farside of the river … Continue reading

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By the Parishioners’ Door

There is a group of parish churches in southeast Norfolk with south doors a rival to the rising sun. Dated to early C12th, it’s thought the work was performed by a German or Dutch stonemason who was visiting the area. … Continue reading

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Captive … in a Pink Prison

Klukelunnen scrambled up the next set of stairs, unable to keep up with young Daisy despite her constant chatter must have slowed her. She was bringing him ‘up to speed’ on her family, she said. “Me and Fleur, we share … Continue reading

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It All Began

“It all began when Jan met Ned.” No. Wrong. Wrong? Everything that ever had happened in Jan’s life led to that moment. Ditto for Ned. Fine. “It all began when Jan was born, three years to the day after Ned.” … Continue reading

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Okay, so it’s not a road, but a path. And it’s not made of brick, but of short-cut grain-stalks. And it doesn’t go to the Emerald City but passing through an exceedingly emerald field, skirts a sand-quarry to arrive at … Continue reading

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