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Southwold, 10:30 GMT 52° North

26th June, at 10:30 am (GMT), at 52.3° North, the sun peeped from behind the tower of St Edmund’s church at Southwold—just as I took this photo (and effectively bleached out the sky!). #2018picoftheweek: Sun Flare St Edmund is one … Continue reading

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Ring around … with Roses

Ringed around with roses With tissues wiping noses Plague has brought the sneezes Bubonic, black, with wheezes Eastern rats we hold to blame Held in ships awash with shame Fleas that carried, heat restricted Came with cold, released, inflicted Swelling … Continue reading

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Neat … the giant with sapphire-blue lips

(sorry, she refused to wear her black gear for the photo shoot) “By the cringe!” Klukelunnen looked up at the giant that, blocking the door, had cast the attic into a deeper dark. Female. She must be, aye, by her … Continue reading

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Coke and Honey

Long years ago, when I was at school, as part of our history curriculum we covered the British Agricultural Revolution. Living in Norfolk the focus, of course, was on the change from the open three-field system (which required one field … Continue reading

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Mallow … best served fresh

For my fellow writers at Camp NaNoWriMo (April) . . . The Common Mallow, one of my all-time favourite wildflowers: I haven’t tried it toasted. Though this isn’t the ‘Marsh’ mallow, which is now quite a rare plant. Taken on … Continue reading

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In Post

Every autumn the sycamore keys spin down from the trees, each to cast their unique divination. I’m keen to see what becomes of this post-rooted seedling. Will it devour its host in years to come? Or will it fail to … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Attic . . . or a spell gone wrong

[Um, best beware adult language in the last line. Sorry folks; adult characters.] Third time. This was it, no more practice runs. After all, what in that spell could go wrong. And then to collect his winnings. A bag full … Continue reading

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