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Unsuited, the Suitors of Old Shore House

Sifadis Lafdi shooed her seleman away. She had no need of a sedan-chair; she was a woman, not an invalid. And the past week had been dry, and the day was fine. It was less than ten steps across the … Continue reading

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Asaric Tales e-book Update #7

Wow! May has been such a productive month for me; so much achieved. I’m feeling quite energised. But, whoa, I leap ahead, for there is something nasty waiting to trip me … Asaric Lies: Amend, Revise, Rewrite Introduction to Kerrid’s … Continue reading

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View from the End of the Pier

Eight of May was a mega-hot day, discouraging a ten-mile hike. A day for the beach, and the cliffs, and the pier, and sea-mists. A day for a day out at Cromer. #2018picoftheweek: From a Distance The title of the … Continue reading

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A Plant By Any Other Name . . . .

(Would be easier to spell) Although my usual plant subjects are native to England, this Rhododendron leapt in front of the camera, the sun full upon it, begging to be pixel-captured.

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Regin, Rat and Raesan

An excerpt from Regin-yorl posted May 2013 (‘Neve‘, an Asaric Tale) Again, Raesan’s memories spooled into Neve’s head, again of Eldsland and of Regin-Yorl’s hall. He showed her Gudrum. Startling blue eyes and an ankle-length coat—red-brown leather, similar to the coat she had glimpsed … Continue reading

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Trevor the Tractor’s Great Day Out

Tuesday-last being a bright and blistering hot day I went to the seaside. Yea, I know, I live on the coast but up a piece and around the corner there’s Cromer.  What I like most about Cromer are the tractors. … Continue reading

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The Girl with Autumn-Red Hair

Or Miss Perceive, a Story in Three Acts (i) “Stop!” he called. “What?” she asked though she carried on walking. “Stop. Please. Right there.” “Do what?” she asked. “That’s it, love. Great.” “Excuse me?” “I just had to take a photo … Continue reading

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