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In Celtic myth, water was the way to the Otherworld . . . We need only think of the Lady of the Lake, or the many offerings found in the Thames . . . swords, skulls and shields, for the … Continue reading

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The Stinging Nettle

In answer to why is the Dead Nettle called ‘Dead’: because unlike the Stinging Nettle, it doesn’t sting . . . and here’s a photo of the stinging variety. Entirely different flowers.  

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Painterly Poppies

I spied these poppies, a red island in a sea of ripening grain. Must snap, I thought; must have. But they were beyond the range of my kit lens. And so . . . a ‘painterly picture’

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Moody Old Cow

I always thought ‘Moody Old Cow’ was something a chap might say to his missus after long years of marriage. Until I met with these ladies, recently, while out walking . . . .

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Bigod’s House

Continuing the time-slip story, Can of Worms, a 16 year old girl’s rune-aided hunt for a serial-killer . . . Read on When next my friendly psychiatrist Madeleine called she found me plumped into the day-room. I hadn’t much choice, craving, … Continue reading

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Pretty In Pink

 (and in purple, and in the wind, too.)  

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A Sense of Place?

A sense of place? No, rather I’d say this photo shows a typical British weathery-sense.

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