Beneath the Feet of Terror-Saurs

Before the evolution of flowering plants there were the spore-producers . . . of which the fungi, mosses and horsetails remain to us today. The horsetails, in particular, were the most common plant and compose most of today’s coal beds. The dinosaurs tread upon these . . . and sheltered beneath them, for some reached heights of 100 ft!

Today, the tallest horsetails (in temperate climes), the Great Horsetail, reaches 6-7 ft, though the ones I found seldom top 4 ft (see photo at end of last year’s crop).

Great Horsetail 1

The Great Horsetail’s fruiting body. See last year’s stalks scattered around it.

Great Horsetail 3

Great Horsetail emerging from the cover of grasses

Great Horsetail 2

Great Horsetail’s fruiting body thrusting above the grasses

Great Horsetail 4

They also come in pairs . . . Great Horsetails. This and above photos taken 5th April 2017

Great Horsetail in autiumn

Great Horsetail, photo taken 7th November 2016 . . . after the plants had been a tad wind-battered!


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