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Can of Worms

Take a 16 year girl, heir to Failans Farm, with a mother gaga about all things Tolkienesque; add repeating nightmares of decapitation, and finds of headless bodies spanning nine centuries from the twelfth to present; combine with a guy who … Continue reading

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We’ve seen the battle through Bryony’s eyes. But it’s Markon Ingobo who tells the last beat of the story . . . Read on I was a bad omen, said the markan when I returned to my barracks south of Rivers … Continue reading

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Plans All Awry

Plans are laid. Troops on both sides are hidden. And all done behind King Kottir’s back. Bryony isn’t happy of that. How can she allow Kottir to walk, unprepared, into her father’s ambush . . . Read on We had … Continue reading

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Sprigs Enlisted

Bryony has a plan to kill her father, the Immortal Yewlen, for which she requires the help of the incestuously begotten Sprigs. She has asked Uissid Tizarn to help her too. But he’s needed time to think about this. He … Continue reading

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At The Broads’ Edge

At the Broads’ edge is Breydon Water, the meagre remains of the once Great Estuary (See Broadly). Here the three main Broads’ rivers join (the Bure, the Yare and the Waveney) to flow as one through the port of Great … Continue reading

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Fire and Water

It was Bryony who suggested the exchange of sisters. But that was before she’d found herself wrapped in King Kottir’s arms. Now when Markon Ingobo returns with her father’s agreement and the arrangements, she’s not so sure she wants to … Continue reading

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The Rate of Exchange

King Ithen, aka Yewlen, has sent a message to King Kottir regarding his wife, Queen Bregan. Now Markon Ingobo, in company with others, is to take the reply . . . Read on I was packed into one of the … Continue reading

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