What’s in an image?

Two of the toughest things of serialising a story for a weekly blog is 1: Thinking up all those  many titles, and 2: Finding graphics that, while illustrating, also grab the attention.

But with The Chronicles of Mideer the graphics have been easy. The story includes several scenes of altered states of consciousness. What better, then, than to use psychedelic art. And it just so happens I have recently been doodling the same.

So, for those with an interest, here are the originals.


WEBLIGHTS: Inspired by the visual disturbances during the early stages of a migraine (of which I am well experienced)


TRANSFORMATIONS: this provided the multicoloured ring to Mideer’s ‘eye’. Two guesses the inspiration.


CHECKERED: A digital version of a painting long ago done in acrylics. This is also the source of crimsonprose‘s latest banner


MOBYSTRIP: source of those endless gifts by the little green men


PSYCHOANGLES: I had this riding as my desktop for some time.


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7 Responses to What’s in an image?

  1. Judy says:

    They are all very cool and I have enjoyed looking that art on the Mideer story. Of this group, though I like them all, my favourite is Transformations. I have no idea how you do those!!

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    • crimsonprose says:

      As with ‘Checkered’, at least part of ‘Transformation’ (the tube-like plant at centre) was originally done in acrylics, but an awful long ago. When I was looking for images for Mideer, I thought why not do them myself. So I began by (trying) to translate previously painted images into computer-art. And I can tell you this. It’s quicker. It’s easier. It’s nowhere near so messy! But then the walks of the summer took over, so I’ve not done much of late. Though I have got ahead with graphics for King’s Wife, much inspired by 1: [neolithic] megalithic art, and 2: Hallstatt art [very early Celtic]. As you’ll be able to see shortly (tomorrow, a foretaste).


    • Brian Bixby says:

      And, Judy, CP’s been retroactively adding graphics to existing stories; check out Neve’s graphic: https://crimsonprose.wordpress.com/neve/


      • Judy says:

        Now that is very cool and I know the inspiration for the image this time….the sea and the windmill farm and the dragon!! Neat!!!

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      • crimsonprose says:

        I thank you Judy. I have updated the chapter-link pages for all my past stories (never know when someone might get curious and click). So not only graphics where appropriate but introductory blurbs as well. It’s so easy to say, okay, that’s done now, and forget it. Yet when I first started to follow Sillyverse I went over some of Brian’s previous stories, which were conveniently to hand in the top-bar menu . . . as I have on other blogs.


      • crimsonprose says:

        So such effort is never wasted. And yes, there has been times I’ve backtracked through your archives


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