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No Sweat

I open the curtains I see a dark cloud And thank my good fortune To be alive HERE and TODAY Not in a land laden with poor Nor 2000 or 200 years before But where I have shelter to keep … Continue reading

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Ring Around The Highlands

Commander Horsemaster Krisnavn has resolved another of his problems, that of governing the Kerdolak trading holds, surrendered to him by the Head of Kerdol. Meanwhile there’s Demekn, who also has problems, one in particular now become pressing . . . … Continue reading

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One of the children at Luktosn’s Hold must have seen Detah and Krisnavn climbing the hill, and raced back to tell Trader Buteld. For now Trader Buteld waits for them at the gate . . . Read on. “You’re looking … Continue reading

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The True-Born Englishman

For St George and Country

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The Ladies Three

Megovis dearly wants to  hug his friend. For the Ladies are playing strong with the commander this day. To allow the Alsime and Granary to accept him as king and yet in the same breath to snatch that kingship away? … Continue reading

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One Rather Awkward Stipulation

Unexpectedly, Uissid Urinod called a halt to his fight with Krisnavn. Remission? No, for then reminded the Commander Horsemaster that his mother and Clan Dragsin are still awaiting him along the Waters—with Mandatn’s venom, and the rogue Kerdolan. According to Urinod … Continue reading

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A Useful Map For Alsalda Readers . . .

Because I know how confusing it can be to follow the talk when its full of weird and unfamiliar placenames (after all, I live in East Anglia), I have provided a map. If you think there’s something vaguely familiar in … Continue reading

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