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The Eblan’s Child

Detah has found the ideal place for the King’s Hold. But it’s part of an Eblan Freeland. How then to acquire it? Her father will know; he was the wiliest of traders when he was alive . . . Read … Continue reading

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To Hunt The King’s Hold

Again, Detah sits high on Belgantros to farewell the Alisime fleet. Only now it’s Megovis beside her—for Krisnavn rides in the lead boat, his destination Liënershi, his target the immortal Head of Kerdol . . . Read on It seemed … Continue reading

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The Battle Of South Rivergate

Returned from their raids on the Kerdolak trading-holds, Krisnavn’s Alisime fleet finds its way barred by white-sailed longboats. Kerdolak mariners. To gain the safety of South Rivergate they first must defeat them. And they’re somewhat outnumbered . . . Read … Continue reading

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Black Birds, White Sails

The time has come for the Alisime-Uestin fleet to set out, their mission to disable the Kerdolak trading holds around Liënershi. Detah must be there to see them leave—to be their Alsalda . . . Read on Biadret, Ganros and … Continue reading

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The Fallen Angels

“Ah-ha!” exclaimed Dr Filbert. “Now we find the buried treasure.” He had been trawling through a dust-covered arch-lever binder, the notes within the work of his now-deceased wife. Neve leaned forward, the better to see while he read aloud from … Continue reading

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One Wants, One Sings, One Sees

Krisnavn has dared to liken young Detah to the River Woman Alsalda. To cover his shock, Eblan Erspn has suggested Demekn composes a song to her—if he can draw his thoughts and desires away from Glania. Meanwhile, Eblan Erspn is … Continue reading

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Alsalda. River Woman

Another meeting? And doubtless Commander Horsemaster Krisnavn will want a progress report from Glania. But what else might be on the agenda, and who might attend? . . . Read on Erspn was chuckling as he entered the isle. A … Continue reading

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