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Cold Weight

  Have you noticed how you weigh more in the cold of winter? Well I hadn’t. Not till this year. Having rid myself of the accursed diabetes, I’m determined not to go there again. And so I invested in (a … Continue reading

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Would You Believe?

Detah champs at the pace as they stroll (too slowly) along Reclamation Walk, her eblan-master talking of the weather—as if she’s to blame that it hasn’t rained. Since her return he’s done nothing but pick at her; what more might … Continue reading

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Wait! Who Deals Here?

Detah knows where Commander Horsemaster Krisnavn can obtain the copper he requires for his arrows.(She does?) But it can only be had in trade for the eblan’s green-feather herb. Krisnavn says he can provide it; the Regiment uses it. (It … Continue reading

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Flyworts and Raw Copper

What plan has Krisnavn devised to destroy the Head of Kerdol? As yet he’s cautious of concealed ears that might lurk, so he’s keeping it close, mulling on his thoughts for an entire day and night. Meanwhile Detah, too, has … Continue reading

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In Carven Caves

The fabled Isle of Liënershi, and it seems Krisnavn’s exploration has yielded him nothing. Yet then, appearances often lie . . . Read on All the way back to Tamesen’s boat Detah dared not say a word. There were too … Continue reading

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Measured Words

He spoke in measured words What, he was a Shakespearean actor, speaking in pentameters? Or maybe he spoke in chains, yards and inches. Of course he could have used words which for him spoke volumes: Of pints and pecks, and … Continue reading

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Flies, Irritating, Buzzing

Liënershi, home of the Head of Kerdol, Queen of the Kerdolan—or so it is said. Now will Detah’s Alisime eyes spy out more than the Uestin eyes? Will she enable Krisnavn to lay his vital plan? Or is she now … Continue reading

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