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Fishing The Moon From The Sea

In the previous episode of Feast Fables Kerrid enthused of a new idea to reach their ancestral home above the Heavens. But what is it—if it’s not for them to change into birds and to fly, as Jiar teases? Next episode, The … Continue reading

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To Share A Tale

Alsalda—a Neolithic fantasy:… The Saramequai horsemen are riding the bounds of Alisalm-Land—on the very same day as the families walk their bounds to be rid of the spirits and lurking ghosts. Oops! But perhaps the two parties won’t collide . … Continue reading

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Land Of Rivers

Alsalda—a Neolithic fantasy:… It is agreed, Detah shall ride the bounds with Commander Horsemaster Krisnavn, with intent to confuse and confound him. Will she succeed? Or perhaps before she ever leaves someone will stand in her way—such as her sister, … Continue reading

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A Toad That’s All Eyes And Ears

In Feast Fables, with Paddlo’s loss of mobility his Asaric powers have intensified. He can hear and see through others’ eyes—perhaps, even, through the eyes of a fly. He hears Kerrid’s thoughts; he’s found the name of Jiar and knows him … Continue reading

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The Chap In The (Red) Cap . . . Revisited

Yea, I know what you’re thinking. Chap in the Red Cap: that’s Santa, right? Um, well. Not really. No. The Chap in the Red Cap was an article I posted on ‘crimsonprose’ way back last year. May 25th 2014, to … Continue reading

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Cats and Mice

Alsalda—a Neolithic fantasy:… Will Mistress Drea agree to the wants of Commander Horsemaster Krisnavn? Will he be able to convince her the need and the sense of it? And will he ever be able to woo her and wed her? … Continue reading

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What Trick Is This?

Alsalda—a Neolithic fantasy:… The ‘talks’ have begun. But while Eblan Head Man Erspn’s idea is to be accommodating while angling for whatever can be gained in return, Mistress Drea, the eighty-third granary-mistress since Mistress Hegrea, predictably is being awkward . … Continue reading

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