Alsalda Gene Trees (Part 2)

An Alsalda Supplement

Because we’ve not all spent our younger years eavesdropping on traders, I provide you with this next set of gene trees. You might find them useful when Detah starts talking . . . .

Gousen, Clan Dragsin Gene Tree

Don’t feel daunted. Not everyone appears . . . .

Mandatn's Hold Gene Tree


These will be available at all times on the Alsalda Top Menu

Saramequai Clan Querkan Gene Tree



About crimsonprose

After years as a multi-colour octopus in entertainment, now chilling and writing
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2 Responses to Alsalda Gene Trees (Part 2)

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    THERE we go! I may have to do some rereading, now! 🙂

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