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Sapapsan’s Isle

Episode 12 of Alsalda Sapapsan’s Isle at His Indwelling—it seems to Detah another land, the journey so long, from the day’s first glimmer. And this her second visit only away from Isle Ardy. She’s excited. Trader Imblysin has horses! Yet … Continue reading

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Alsalda Gene Trees (Part 3) Sapapsan’s Isle

An Alsalda Supplement You might find this useful, with Detah now visiting Sapapsan’s Isle . . .  

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In His Pocket

Episode 11 of Alsalda On their journey to His Indwelling, Master Bukarn has let slip of a secret kept by the traders of Luktosn’s Hold. Now, guessing the secret is somehow connected with the Saramequai visit, Detah is determined to … Continue reading

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We, the Survivors

It’s hardly possible these days to turn on the news without hearing of some recent catastrophe: tsunami, earthquake, volcano, tornadoes, hurricanes (are they the same thing?) rising sea-levels, floods, landslides . . .  take your pick. And if it isn’t our … Continue reading

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What Few Survive

In the previous episode of Feast Fables, Kerrid received news of the Flood’s devastation. Now there’s more news, and it’s set to divide the remains of her family. Next episode, So Shall It Be Taken, ready now.

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Her Hungry Head

Episode 10 of Alsalda Master Bukarn has decided to visit Trader Imblysin at Sapapsan’s Isle; Detah is to go with him—Mistress Alenta has agreed it! But Bukarn won’t make the journey in hammering rain, so already a day has been … Continue reading

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Alsalda Gene Trees (Part 2)

An Alsalda Supplement Because we’ve not all spent our younger years eavesdropping on traders, I provide you with this next set of gene trees. You might find them useful when Detah starts talking . . . . Don’t feel daunted. Not … Continue reading

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