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Coming Soon . . .

ALSALDA The unexpected arrival of four Saramequai horsemen at Isle Ardy, on the Highlands of the Sun, heralds a sequence of far-reaching changes. For the Granary family. For the Alsime and their eblann. For the Ulvregan and their traders. But … Continue reading

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In The Eyes Of The Law

Ken is dead. Apparently murdered. Possibly caught by the Kredese and killed as a trespasser. But possibly killed by his wife. The incriminating weapon was either Kerdolan-made at Destination. Or the copy Ken himself had made. And with Fliss convinced … Continue reading

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Whose Dagger, Anyway?

Julia’s morning sickness has pressed Fliss’s buttons. And the only way to call off the hounds (that threaten to tear Ken limb-from-limb as the falsely accused father) is to tell the truth of Destination. But Fliss isn’t impressed. That her … Continue reading

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Face to face with the psychotic Murdan, Julia’s first impulse is to run. Fast. Get out of there. But he’s a Brictan and, like Dannyn, can rummage around in her thoughts and memories. And she knows, at all costs, he … Continue reading

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A C21st Device

It’s Julia’s turn to use Ken’s pod . . . which will deliver her to Destination minus-26, for the second time. But with no mention from Dannyn of a subsequent meeting, and he still a raw youth in the Eblan … Continue reading

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Vampire Proof

or Why Mozzies Don’t Like Me We’ve all known it to happen—while camping, or at an open air concert, or just idling beside the lakeside: the mozzie attack that seems to be personally aimed at you while your companions are … Continue reading

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A Secret Blade

In her attempt to understand the Alsime, and to locate them (pre)-historically, Julia has undergone initiation into the mysteries of the Alisime eblann . . . which required of her a sacrifice. Episode 55 PRIORY PROJECT A Sci-Fi Fantasy I … Continue reading

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