Kadpetan’s Sad Story

In the previous episode of Feast Fables, Kerrid deflected Kadpetan’s threat to expose her. But he now holds a grudge and won’t be easily quietened.

Next episode, The Eld’s Dead Woman, ready now.



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After years as a multi-colour octopus in entertainment, now chilling and writing
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5 Responses to Kadpetan’s Sad Story

      • You are very welcome. I’m a writer too and always appreciate the work it takes to continue on with the same characters.

      • crimsonprose says:

        Dark Days is Book 2 of the Feast Fables Trilogy; 18 months into it now. Total will run for 3 years. But I’d say it’s more of a love affair than it is hard work. And it brings the same deep satisfaction. Especially when readers, like yourself, hit that ‘Like’ button. We all need feedback.

      • Yes, we do. My main work isn’t something I post on my blog, but the feedback I get on my short stories makes it easier. Keep up the awesome work! Writing is a lot of fun, so it does make it easier.

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