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This Circular Dance Of Life

Song of the Snake Dance Come step with me the thread of life Stepping, stepping, stepping. Come dance with me the dance of life Dancing, dancing, dancing. Come follow me as I lead you Come step with me I’ll lead … Continue reading

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Roots of Rookeri 25

Raselstad Boteras Rookeri-Sharmin aka Boddy Week Twenty-Three For two months Boddy’s inspiration had flowed. Wowzah, natzo, it had gushed. He now had plays prepared for Royan’s and Sharma’s and Eire’s feasts and hymnal songs for Royan, Sharma, Eire and for … Continue reading

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Insy Winsy Bannockburn

Insy Winsy spider climbing up the spout Down came the raindrops and washed poor Insy out. Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain.  “Na,” said Insy Winsy, “I’m not climbing that thing again.” If the spider watched … Continue reading

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Roots of Rookeri 24

Citadel Lecheni Keefer Kalamite, Runman Order Week Twenty-One He looked down at the blade in his trembling hand. The dishonour, the discredit, to be taken for a drip-head, a lorel, a while-a-day. Too late he had realised, he ought to … Continue reading

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Rules of the Game

An Alien Take I’m not into football, cricket or tennis, (A game of snooker’s more my thing.) But to keep a friend company – dumped by her boyfriend, snuffling and sniffling – I allowed her to bully me into watching a game. “But … Continue reading

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Roots of Rookeri 23

Citadel Lecheni Eshe, Femella Week Twenty “Stay away from that door,” Trefan warned, his voice low and demanding. But Eshe wanted to see what was the commotion. Someone was shouting outside, in the Two Boars’ courtyard, their words muffled by … Continue reading

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The F Word

A Roots of Rookeri Supplement. The God of Facerie According to Rothi scholars mining the Holy Book, the Mercury Curse arose with the Geeks. The Lubanthan scholars, however, while acknowledging that Hermes, born in Greek-land, was, as it were, a … Continue reading

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