Three Women Meet

The Witches Three

Witches Three - Fuseli

Three Witches by Henry Fuseli

Where three roads meet
Three women met.

Who were they?


Yea, and who is she?

Triple-head divinity.

Yea, and who is she?

Queen of death’s eternity.
Demeter—you know of her;
Grief-bitten weeper, she.

Three women met
Where three roads meet,
Our deaths to mete.


Born in Switzerland, Henry Fuseli, 1741-1825, had a penchant for portraying the deranged and macabre in a disturbingly sensual manner. When I was at college I had an obsession with his work; reproduction posters all over my room . This was and still is my favourite.

The Nightmare
The Nightmare - Fuseli


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3 Responses to Three Women Meet

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    Always had a liking for Fuseli myself, and I like your choice of the three.


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