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Zemowit’s Lady

Somewhere in Regin-yorl’s hall lay hidden a clue to the Cesars Riddle. If Neve must die, then she would know first the answer. She recalled the scene Raesan had given her many times over. Count Alan, anguished, confused. Gunnhild, his wife, … Continue reading

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A Day’s Greeting To You

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The Grimmen

There was a smell. Musty. Memories of keeping white mice. Yet where was the food to encourage them in. “It is the smell of human decay.” The voice came from behind her. Neve curled herself tighter, away from the bars. … Continue reading

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Skailton Hall

Skailton Hall. Neve tried to date it – thirteenth maybe fourteenth century – but her eyes skidded off to the church set behind it. Original, unaltered Saxon – or ought that to be Dane. A squat little building, stone-built with … Continue reading

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Purple Crocodiles

Neve uncurled Raesan’s arm from around her shoulders and pushed him away. “And you can get off my bed. Now!” Raesan obeyed though his face crumpled and his brows drew tight. “I thought . . . you stood up for … Continue reading

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Toli’s Tale Of The Ten Suns

Crimson’s note As editor of Toli’s Tall Tales, it’s my custom to tag any comment or reference to the back of the tale. Yet here I add it as a preface. Toli claims he had this story off the Witch … Continue reading

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Skrauti’s Land

The question niggled at her. Neve wanted to ask but dared not, not while Raesan was driving through late afternoon traffic. What if in anger he lost focus and swerved. He could cause an accident. He could kill her. He … Continue reading

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