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Alas. Poor Boris.

Little Spider, hurry – fast! Your days are numbered; You will not last. The rolled-up papers, slippers too, All are out to flatten you, So hurry Little Spider do Because we giants are scared of you. Advertisements

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Bissen Hall

Neve sensed the place long before she could see it. She checked it out on Google Maps on Raesan’s laptop. “Says here it’s a poultry farm.” Raesan nodded up ahead. “Chickens have halos, yeh?” They’d left Norfolk; they were into … Continue reading

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Raven Maze

It was no surprise when Neve turned the corner and there stood Nerys, arms folded aggressively over her sauce-and-baby-vomit-stained shirt. Neve had heard the music even before she turned into South Grove. “You!” Nerys shouted. Her straggly hair clung to … Continue reading

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Old Ma Holla

Hey there! Toli here with another tall tale – though you might say this one is deep. So sit yourself down and take up a jug, and let me transport you to the ancient Burgundian kingdom of Wörms. Old Ma … Continue reading

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Gudrum Kin-Of-Kings

Regin-yorl sat on the edge of the dais, his lieutenants, the Stoats, beside him. Gudrum, Razimer, Raum, Eilif, Eirik and Eida. He didn’t look happy. But then that high seat was his and Zemowit sat on it. Neve had tricked … Continue reading

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A Mortal Untainted

The worm’s gastric juices rose from the sand in a choking cloud of poisonous gases. Alan leapt back, even as Kerrid ran to Guy’s aid. But what could she do; Neve couldn’t believe this thing that had spilled from the … Continue reading

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