Kerrid’s Web-Vision

In the previous episode of Feast Fables, with Wise Man Serande dead, Gimmerin expected Kerrid to be accepted as the clan’s wise woman. That is why they bought her. But Chief Spelan still has ways of keeping her from it, doubtless at the demon’s devising. And with the drought worsening, this isn’t the time for his games. At summer’s end when the lowlander clans bring their baskets of grain, Apple Woman’s fruits fill only a third of the baskets. Trouble threatens, which Kerrid averts with promises of better next season. But the drought and the lowlanders and their baskets of grain all are part of her Web-Vision. It’s to end with fifty dead.

Now read the next episode, Fifty Driven To Certain Death, to see if Kerrid can avert the Web’s oracular prediction.


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After years as a multi-colour octopus in entertainment, now chilling and writing
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