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Neve slammed the door behind her, still seething with anger. When finally she found that Raesan she would—she would—strangle him! Wasn’t that the only way to kill a Gold Asar, cut off the airways? She leant against the door. “What … Continue reading

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Neve put on trousers and shirt. After the crashes and bangs, now all was quiet. She eased open the bedroom door, and listened. The music was no longer playing. She looked into the bathroom. There, too, was quiet, the water no longer … Continue reading

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Awaiting Ragnarok

Hey! Toli the teller of tall tales here with a story of Anglian origin. Cos I am an Angle, see, not a Saxon. It’s those Normans, they can’t distinguish. They call this land England then call us Saxons, all lumped together. That’s like calling a … Continue reading

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Return Match

Wednesday, Ms Cox’s day off. Neve had hoped to get away early. It wasn’t only the need to escape this oven – all afternoon the sun had burned through the window; “It only happens two weeks either side of the solstice,” … Continue reading

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Toli’s Tall Tales 2

Lo! Toli here, bringing you cheer, so wrap a mit around a mead and pull yourself a chair. Not Homer, you say? So answer I, where is Homer? Here telling you tales? Na, this is Toli here, bringing you cheer, … Continue reading

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Ploughman Ares

Ploughman Ares, morning proud Leader of the battle crowd Yelling cries that ring out loud Ploughman Ares, never cold Spilling blood in lands of old Iron more precious than their gold Ploughman Ares, never slowed Humped his back but never … Continue reading

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Raesan’s Game

Neve fumbled with the key in the lock, in a panic to get to the phone before Raesan broke his habit and answered it. She went into a sweat just thinking of that. The key finally fitted. She turned it. … Continue reading

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